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  • At EcoLusso energy-efficient goes beyond our homes!

    Because your time is so precious, our lifestyle service is crafted to encapsulate superior design with optimum efficiency, giving you maximum control with minimum effort.

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  • Introducing EcoLusso

    From fashion to travel our lives have monumentally changed in recent years, with increased pressure for us all to adopt higher sustainable living standards.

    As a market disruptor, we have chosen to offer a truly luxurious option for visionaries and the most discerning.

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Our Mission

We are focussed on creating an internationally recognised brand that helps to emphasise the benefits of everyone adopting a more sustainable and digitally connected lifestyle.

We consider every home design to be a fresh challenge to make the impossible possible. With a constant ambition to surpass expectations, we enjoy challenging ourselves to create custom designs for every client. We possess a strong belief to drive the design process by means of a direct dialogue with our clients, resulting in creative solutions throughout the development of each project.

Every project is the result of this ongoing dialogue with our client and close cooperation with major constructors, innovators, architects, suppliers, furniture makers, craftsmen and artisans. The design process consists of a series of decisions. We ensure the right choices are made with the right partners.

Derek Richards
Derek Richards

Our Philosophy

Superior quality, eye-catching detail and elegant design are integral features of each of our luxury homes. We offer three choices to address lifestyle needs for a carbon-zero footprint and more intelligent features to increase comfort, whether your home is located in the UK or Portugal.

Using innovative materials and state-of-the-art production methods, our craftsmen will ensure that your home sets a new benchmark. For EcoLusso, delivering a sustainable home that has been personalised to the specific taste of each client is the key to our success, resulting in high pre-sales, with each home being sold before construction starts.

The starting point of the overall design is a translation of the client's style and lifestyle. Typical features such as the bathroom, kitchen and landscaping are meticulously embodied into the new design, to keep the owner's expression of refined sophistication.

The distinctive style of the created home's details, the carbon-neutral approach to lifestyle spaces, and individual client taste are all integrated into the design. With subtle detailing each home has the client's character embodied in the finished home, endorsing the collaboration between them and EcoLusso. Finally, the understated lines and remarkable flare of the architectural designs are taken as important features, to give each client a home that they love.

  • Our Team

    A leading provider of activities and destination experiences, EcoLusso's Local Experts offer indepth expertise and assistance in your chosen location, activities, tours, attractions, ground transportation as well as services to help our clients quickly get orientated and feel at home.

  • Creative Solutions

    Each project represents a full custom design for a specific client, we consider every home design to be a fresh challenge. This involves transcending traditional boundaries in architectural design in search of a synergetic balance of functionality, beauty, engineering and design. Resulting in creative solutions that reflect our owner-centred philosophy of a home as an exclusive, custom-designed part of a private estate.

  • Sustainability

    Our vision of achieving zero-carbon homes and to deliver superior levels of luxury homes began in 2018. With ambitions higher than any other developer in the world, we want every socio-economic influencer to help us create a new standard for living and residential acquisition. Housing currently accounts for over 20% of all carbon emissions, it is clear that creating efficient, zero-carbon homes will have a profound impact on the way in which we all live.

  • Intelligent Homes

    Through the implementation of the smart products available today, and combining these devices to work together in orchestration, you can experience the magic of a smart home system. Our homes from the Letseng to the Venetia deliver power and performance on one system that coordinates the technology in your house into complete, brilliant experiences — interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy. It’s a smarter Living experience that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Management / Monitoring

Benefit from 24hr access to your project

  • Documentation

    The ultimate controls are your written reports, contracts and notes.

  • 3D Visualisation

    We create your home virtually, so you know your home before we build.

  • Videos

    We send you video updates of each phase as we create your new home.

  • TV Channel

    Our programmes give you insight in to the experts we are working with.


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